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"Afrikaners"  are an ethnic group that originated in Southern Africa.  Most  Afrikaners can trace their DNA ancestry back to one or more of the  following main groups:

  1. Khoisan (the first people of Southern Africa)
  2. Slaves (primarily from West Africa, Indonesia and India) brought to Southern Africa
  3. Europeans, who settled in Southern Africa from about the year 1652 or thereafter.

 It also designates those who have by their association adopted the Afrikaner culture, traditions, and language and identify with the Afrikaner family values, honesty, integrity and work ethic.

Most Afrikaners are bilingual, speaking English and Afrikaans with Afrikaans being the mother tongue of most.

Afrikaner Unity
Various  Afrikaner sub groups were formed during the last three and half centuries (Basters, Boer, Cape Afrikaners, Cape Coloureds, Griekwas,  Oorlams etc.).   The International Afrikaner Society makes it our business to unite these groups under a single Afrikaner umbrella.
Afrikaners are the majority in this region
Afrikaners  are officially considered a minority in South Africa and Namibia, this is because official statistics only consider the total population of  these countries. When looking at population by region the picture tells a  very different story.

Global Presence
Afrikaners started leaving South Africa in small waves from 1890 onwards to modern day Zimbabwe, Namibia, Argentina, Kenya, Northern Mexico and the Southern United States. However since 1994, more than one million Afrikaners left South Africa, citing violet crime, racial polarization and economic exclusion as the main reasons.

Countries with Significant Populations (Estimates)

South   Africa

United   Kingdom



United   Arab Emirates

United   States of America

New Zealand




Be Counted
The population estimates above were derived from official census and other reportable information.  The International Afrikaner Society is currently working on a project to determine the number of Afrikaners in various parts of the world more accurately.  
If you are an Afrikaner we would like to include you and your family.  Sign up today as an associate member, it only takes a couple of minutes and no financial commitment is expected.