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In 2012 several like-minded Afrikaner Organizations, from different Countries, united to the form The International Afrikaner Society (Afrikaans: Die Internationale Afrikaner Genootskap).
We see a proud, united and free Afrikaner Nation, with an extended International Community of influence.
  • Keep alive the esprit de corps of the Afrikaners 
  • Unite Afrikaners across the Globe
  • Promote, preserve, and celebrate the achievements, history, culture and traditions of the Afrikaner
  • Be the think tank that refines the strategy for Afrikaner unity, liberty and prosperity
  • Lobby International Governments to further Afrikaner Interests


The emblem was designed by Mike Jansen, an Afrikaner and founding member of JansenHarris, an   International Branding & design Consultancy.  The Trinity Rosette   of interwoven ribbons symbolizes the three major groups that unified to   form the Afrikaner Nation with God in the center.  The Blue, Red and  White colors are the universal colors of Liberty and Prosperity.